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Certification of management systems for quality, environment, occupational health and safety

Certification Centre “CONTSTAND” can offer services in management system certification under accreditation of IAF member accreditation body RvA and within independent systems GOST R and TAIS.

Steps of initial certification audit

Applies to a certification body for management system certification.

Performs review of certification scope, sends set of documentation for registration of the certification participant.

Pays registration fee, fills input data of the organization and submits registration set and management system documentation.

Concludes a contract for certification with the organization.

Commits itself to requirements of the contract and rules of the certification agreement and pays an invoice for the audit stage 1.

Performs the audit stage 1.

Performs document review and evaluate if the level of management system implementation allows the organization to start the audit of stage 2.

Documents findings of the audit stage 1 and communicates them to the Client, identifying any areas of concern that could be classified as non-conformities during the audit stage 2.

Resolves areas of concern identified during the audit stage 1, provides for evidences for completed corrections and resolving of the identified areas of concern, and submits them to the certification body. Pays for the audit stage 2.

Performs the audit stage 2. Evaluates implementation of the management systems, its effectiveness and compliance with all requirements of the applicable management system standard.

Where applicable, submits evidences for the taken cause roots analyze of the identified nonconformities and for effectiveness of applied corrections and corrective actions.

Makes the certification decision on the basis of an evaluation of the audit finding and conclusions and any other relevant information (e.g. public information, comments on the audit report from the client).

The initial certification procedure is presented in more details in the document I-07cl «Certification scheme». 

The rules of the certification symbol usage are provided in the document I-08cl «The Rules of Certification Symbols Use».

The duration of all audit types is in the document I-25cl «Duration of management systems audit».

The process of handling appeals, complaints and disputes is provided in the document I-31cl “Appeals, complaints and disputes”.

To get more information on certified clients or validity period of certification, you may request the management systems certification body in writing or via other means of communication.



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