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For 12 years "CONTSTAND" has been actively involved in reseach work on conformity assessment, standardization and quality assurance in oil and gas, chemical and energy industries. Here we've listed only some of developments we are performing in the field of scientific and research work for our clients:

  • creation and development of specific techniques for pipe applications;
  • development of specifications for production of new oilfield tubular goods;
  • performing of operational testing of trial batches of oil and gas pipes and assessment of their operational safety;
  • creadtion of express-methods of laboratory corrosion testing of rollings and pipes for assessment of local corrosion resistance;
  • assessment of service life of applied piping at the fields;
  • examination of service reliability of corrosion protection coatings of production pipelines;
  • development of regulating documents for use of oilfield tubular goods (drillpipes, casing pipes, production tubing and oil and gas pipes);
  • measurement examinations;
  • after-sale following of tubular goods of the Client, including examination of accident samples and handling of users' quality claims;
  • incolcement in development and implementation of new operational processes, testing and examinations of trial samples and batches, organization of acceptance testing and upgrading of the product to industrial application;
  • resolving of problems of corrosion activity of internal environment of pipes under production and transport of fluids;
  • strengh calculation of pipe columns and pipeline systems;
  • development of corporate standardization concepts, development of specifications, corporate and national standards tobether with experts of the Client;
  • development of normative documents (standards, methodologies, procedures, instructions, programms, flow charts) for performance of independent assessment of products and processes.


  1. Participation in development of the international standard ISO 11960 - Petroleum and natural gas industries. Steel pipes for use as casing or tubing for wells.
  2. Development and implementation of the inspection system for drilling equipment and tools in "Drilling company OAO Gazprom"
  3. Audit and development of the system of operational control and industrial safety


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