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Inspection of facilities Technical audit

About the service

"CONTSTAND" inspects equipment and operational processes in oil and gas production, refinery, energy inductry, engineering, unstrumentation, construction and other activities.

The inspection (technical audit) is performed to control conformity to requirements of:

  • design documentation;
  • legislation in occupational health and safety, environmental protection and industrial safety;
  • construction rules and codes;
  • corporate requirements;
  • international and other recognized standards: ISO, EN, DIN, ASME, API, etc.

Inspection (technical audit) can be performed for the following activities:

  • Operation of process equipment (pressure vessels, pumps, compressors, pipelines etc.);
  • Use of buildings and facilities;
  • Operation of automation systems, fire supression systems, alarm system for pre-explosive concentrations;
  • Operation of electrotechnical equipment;
  • Operation of equipment for energy industry

Inpection is performed in accordance with internal operation procedures of the Inspection Body.

Level of "CONTSTAND"'s performance is confirmed by the independent accreditation TAIS against requirements of ISO 17020.


  • Providing for compliance with Client's requirements;
  • Obtaining a reliable information on condition of equipment and processes.

Objects of control

  1. Oil and gas production processes
  2. Oil production fields
  3. Oil refineries
  4. Gas processing plants
  5. Petrochemical plants
  6. Hydropower stations, power and heat supply stations
  7. Other facilities


  • Relialble information on operation of the company
  • Reducing risk for incident occurence
  • Reducting risk for financial losses
  • Verification of conformity of plant operation to the legal requirements in OH&S, industrial safety, environment protection, etc.
  • Reducing production costs


  1. Inspection of operation of well facilities of OOO "Naryanmarneftegas"
  2. Inspection of operation of OOO "Nyagangaspererabotka"


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