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Inspecton on construction site Technical supervision

"CONTSTAND" performs technical surveillance of construction and repare works on sites of oil and gas production, refinery, petrochemistry, energy and others against requirements of the client.

The technical surveillance controls conformity to requirements of:

  • design documentation;
  • industrial safety legislation;
  • legislation on occupational health and safety and environmental protection;
  • construstion rules and standards;
  • international and other recognized standards ISO, EN, DIN, ASME.

The surveillance is carried out on all stages of construction:

  • construction of buildings and facilities;
  • installation of process equipment;
  • commissioning;
  • start-up.

Inspection is performed according to internal procedures of the Inspection body.

Competence of "CONTSTAND" confirmed by the independend accredidation TAIS against requirements of ISO 17020.


  • Reliablie and technically sound results;
  • Safe operation of commissioned sites;
  • Reduction of internal losses during construction;

Objects of assessment

  1. Well facilities
  2. Refineries
  3. Gas processing plants
  4. Petrochemical plants
  5. Hydropower stations, power and heating stations
  6. Other facilities


  • Ensuring proper quality of construction, installation and commissioning in accordance with design documentation
  • Conformance to legal requirement in industrial safety, occupational health and environmental protection
  • Mitigation of nonconformities on contractors' cost
  • Reduction of costs


  1. Inspection of construction of well facilities for OOO "Naryanmarneftegas"


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