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Inspection of materials and equipment by non-destructive methods

About the service

C-Inspection is one of the recognized bodies for control of materials, semi-products, welds, components, assembling units and equipment in genetal using the following non-destructive methods:

  • visual and dimensional control;
  • ultrasonic control;
  • penetration: dye penetrant;
  • radiographic control;
  • acoustic emission;
  • magnetic particle examination.

Besides, "CONTSTAND" performs examination of mechanical properties and chemical analysis of materials structure.

Inspectors and experts of "CONTSTAND are certified (qualified) in accordance with the national and international rules for personnel certification (qualification) in non-destructive testing and industrial safety examination.

ND inspection is equipped with modern instruments allowing to perform control of products against national and international standards in short time.

"CONTSTAND" applies as national standards and specifications so the international NDT standards and specifications of the leading international organisations (ISO, EN, DIN, API, DS-1, ASME, NORSOK, DNV), and also our own developments.

Result of inspection works of "CONTSTAND" are documented in reports/certificates in compliance with international requirements, reflecting the extend of conformity to acceptance criteria specific for the given equipment, and also to criteria established by the Client.


Conformance of the equipment, tools and materials to the established requiements.

Objects of assessment

  • Steam and water boilers, electric boilers; heat-recovery boilers, pressure vessels, steam and hot water pipelines.
  • Load cranes, hoists, towers, lifts, craneways
  • Drilling rigs and their foundations, agregates, components of drill pipe, tools and devices for tripping operations and well intervention.
  • Pipelines for oil, gas and petroleum products
  • Metal structures of equipment, buildings and facilities
  • Equipment for explosive and fire hazardous, chemical hazardous processes, pressure and vacuum equipment, storage tanks for explosives, inflammable and toxic substances; criogenic equipment; equipment of ammonia refrigerators, furnaces; compressors and pumping equipment, centrifuges, separators, tanks and containers, cyllinders for explosives and toxic substances; valves and preventors; processing pipelines


  • Reliable inspection results
  • Non-destructive testing without decommissioning of equipment
  • Extensive amount of controlled condition parameters
  • Using of leading internationally recognized methods of non-destructive testing
  • Reducing costs


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