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Inspection of suppliers and deliveries

About the service

"CONTSTAND" can sufficiently evaluate abilities of a supplier or potential supplier in order to provide a client with a product of the required quiality made of specified materials before placing the order.

Inspection of delivery is performed as followed:

  • control of complience with the production schedule
  • control of containment and number of deliveries
  • control of product quiality.

The evaluation is performed according to the following criteria:

  1. general system requirements;
    • basic system of quality assurance;
    • quality management system
    • ability of the supplier to ensure conformity to the Client's requirements for the quality assurance system;
    • complience to the requirements for occupational safety and environmental protection.

  2. detailed requierements of the Client:
    • ability to manage technical processes;
    • routing of processes;
    • product control;
    • management of control and measuring equipment;
    • planning of inspections and testings;
    • engineering capability and production capacity;
    • traceability of the products;
    • special technical processes;
    • management;
    • deviations from norms and standards.


Inspectors of "CONTSTAND" performs control of suppliers according to requirements of the Client following the agreed technique and using the agreed equipment.

The main aim of the delivery control is prevention of problems and obstacles in the Client's work, i.e. ensuring the contractor's refund of costs of nonconforming products, delivery costs and lost profit.

Objects of assessment

Companies - manufacturers and distributors of products and services of machine, oil and gas industries, chemical, petrochemical, refinery and energy industries (pipes, valves, pumpes, compressors, vessels, boilers, etc.)

Positive aspects

  • Independent assessment for the Client
  • We ensure that the Client gets products of required quality and performance
  • Creating Client's confidence in suppliers'ability to provide for product quiality and proper time for production and delivery
  • Reducing costs


  1. Review and evaluation of process and control procedures of the supplier against project requirements and norms and standards
  2. Incoming control of materials against reguirements of the project, control of amount sufficiency and storage conditions
  3. Control of traceability of materials under manufacturing and testings
  4. Control of provision of processing equipment with measurement devices and regulative procedures for calibration and testing
  5. Control of welding, preparation and use of welding materials, personnel and welding processess qualification
  6. Control of personnel qualification and performance of non-destructive testing
  7. Surveillance of mechanical tests
  8. Control of conditions and application of protective coating and insulation
  9. Final visual and dimentional control
  10. Control of storage, conservation, package, shipping, etc.


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