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John van Schagen (Lead auditor RvA)

Although I am retired I am officially still a Lead assessor with RvA for Laboratories, Inspection bodies and Certification bodies; in that position I receive the reports of the monthly meetings of the RvA committee that advises the management of RvA about accreditation matters.

In the meeting of 18 December (minutes received today!) I read that at the latest assessment Contstand Laboratory (L 378) and Inspection (I 115) were issued 4 NC’s category B only. This is an excellent result and confirms that Contstand ranks among the best bodies in RvA.

It is many years since RvA Technical experts Marcel Broekhoven, Tajo Kooper Hielke Kooistra and myself visited Contstand and it gives me a good feeling that you’re still going OK.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Best regards and take care,

John van Schagen

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