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Policy of "CONTSTAND"

The management of “CONTSTAND”, independent Scientific and Technical Foundation, which works in the field of Management System conformity assessment, products certification, inspection and testing - determined for the management and the staff of the company and bears responsibility for the implementation of the following policy:

To create in the company understanding of overall management improvement as economical development basis and to make our clients understand it. We consider continual improvement to be the basis of the progress of modern civilization. Our services are based on:






      responsiveness to complaints;


      devotion to principles.

And shall associate with the name of “CONTSTAND”.

Top management of CONTSTAND understands the importance of impartiality in the activity performance, manages conflicts of interests and ensures objectivity of its activity by implementing flexible price policy and ensuring the confidence of our clients through the competent and impartial conformity assessment.

 We permanently inquire the philosophy, technique and technology of improvement. “CONTSTAND” applies all its knowledge and abilities for revival of civilized competitive economy by way of general and objective understanding of necessity in continual improvement, environmental and industrial safety by our clients.

 “CONTSTAND” undertakes to extend its activity in Management System independent assessment; in the field of Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System; inspection and testing. 


Implementation of the present policy is guaranteed by staff members' understanding of above outlined principles and high professional qualification of the personnel.  



12 of January 2016

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